Al Jaber Aluminium Extrusions LLC

  • The Al Jaber Aluminium Extrusions L.L.C.  has been in operation since 1996 and effectively catering to the local market. The applications of the profiles extruded are in compliance with International Standards (ASTM, BS, QUALICOAT, ISO 9001:2000, etc.), and range from windows, doors, curtain walls, thermal breaks, lighting, access devices, signage, furniture, decor, vehicle and machine bodies.
  • With the advancement in Extrusion Technology, Al Jaber has effectively been able to implement the plant with the latest technology and has diversified its market operations in order to cater the Middle Eastern regions, Europe, USA & Australia.
  • With 5 presses, 3 fully automatic anodizing lines and 3 fully automatic powder-coating lines, the plant produces on an average 40,000 Tons per annum.
  • Surface finishes vary from Mill to Powder Coated to Anodized to Sublimated Effect (Wood Finish). To add to the variety of finishes the plant has also been equipped with 6 polishing lines and 2 brushing lines assisting in giving an additional luster to the basic anodized finishes. The plant also has 3 thermal break units.
  • In order to meet the ever-growing market demands, the plant has 2 billet casting facilities to cast billets to reduce costs and ensure raw material availability at all times.
  • The Plant also hosts a fabrication wing that caters to various construction projects and state-of-the-art laboratory to perform quality control destructive and non destructive tests.
  • The Aluminium Fabrication plant caters to more than 6 major project sites. And to answer the demand for Glass works in the industry, there is a full automatic glass processing line for glass cutting, tempering, laminating and double-glazing.

                    Al Jaber Aluminium Extrusion L.L.C.
                    PO Box : 2175,
                    Abu Dhabi - UAE
                    Phone    : +971 2  5553707
                    Fax        : +971 2 5553977