Deutsche Babcock Al Jaber (DEBAJ)

As the result of a joint venture between Al Jaber Group and Deutsche Babcock AG, DEBAJ was created to cater to the power station technology and environmental engineering sectors. 

The company currently offers a wide range of life-cycle services such as maintenance and repair, modernisation and rehabilitation, retrofit and deconstruction, performance and efficiency increase, service life extension, reduction of emissions, repair and spare parts. 

With a corporate mandate to provide the highest quality services to its clients and customers, DEBAJ is a well-established name in the industry, specializing in the following activities: 

Construction, Conversion and Modernisation  Maintenance, Service, Inspection and Repairs
• Boiler Technology  • Valves, Fittings and Power Transmission Engineering
• Pulveriser Technology  • Flow Measurement Technology
• Firing Technology  • Industrial Boiler Service
• Coal Feeding  • Erection and Commissioning
• Ash Removal Technology  • Waste Incineration Technology
• Steam Turbine Services  • Inspection and Maintenance
• Heat Recovery  • Welding Technology
• Piping Technology  • Wear Protection
• Electric and Instrumentation Control  • Open Cast Mining Equipment Service
• Commissioning   • Environmental Engineering
• Seawater Desalination

Spare Parts Services  Magnetic/Nuclear Engineering and Services

• Pressure Parts  • Magnet Engineering
• Firing Components  • Nuclear Services
• Machine and Plant Components  • Nuclear Engineering
• Electrical Plant Components 
• Instrumentation and Control Systems  


• Joint venture between Al Jaber Group and Deutsche Babcock AG 
• Life-cycle services for power station technology and environmental engineering sectors 
• Well established reputation in the industry 
• Markets: UAE