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In 1970 we started Al Jaber Group with a main focus on the construction sector This vision was to compliment the great economic boom of Abu Dhabi...

Ever since its establishment Al Jaber Group took an active approach in being heavily involved in the community we...
  • Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Al Jaber Group (AJC) operates in many dimensions:
  • AJC constructs and develops some of the most important infrastructure, buildings and industrial sites.
  • AJC owns and operates some of the largest industries in the Middle East
  • AJC operates some of the largest fleet of equipment, cranes, and ships
  • AJC hosts a multi-faceted portfolio of leading brands
  • AJC has joint venture entities with some of the largest
  • Under the leadership of its founder, H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Jaber Al Murri, AJC grew to become one of the largest diversified group of companies in the Middle East.
  • Diversity, flexibility and resources strengthen AJG proposition and substantiate its position of leadership.
Al Jaber Group
P.O Box 2175, Abu Dhabi
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Phone  : +971 2 5554300
Fax      : +971 2 5553370
E-mail   : aljaber@aje.ae
28 Oct 2014
Al Jaber Group Wins AED 2.57 Billion Contract From Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Abu Dhabi October 28 2014 -- Al Jaber Building a Company of Al Jaber...
30 Sep 2014
Al Jaber Group completes Debt Restructuring Agreement
Abu Dhabi – September 30 2014 -- Al Jaber Group announced today the...